Are your techniques compatible with breastfeeding?

YES! I am a huge breastfeeding advocate, having been breastfed myself until I was 18 months old by my wonderful mother, which was not the norm in 1980’s Ireland, almost every member of my family has breastfed their babies, including me breastfeeding my own son who is currently 16 months old. Our gentle sleep support techniques are wholly supportive of your continuing breastfeeding journey.

What age group do you cater for?

We offer sleep support for new and expectant parents all the way up to 4 years old, and beyond. There are different support options for different ages and stages, please see our sleep support section for more information.

Do you use any crying techniques?

Some of the techniques that are used for older babies and toddlers may be met with some resistance from your child, especially if you are implementing a big change on the way they usually go to sleep, or return to sleep, however at no point will we advise you to leave your child to cry unsupported.

Do you offer help with night weaning?

Once your child has reached the age of 12 months I can offer advice on gently night weaning from breastfeeding, however I can offer support with night wakings from birth.

How long will it be until I see results?

We would expect you to see some improvement within the first week to ten days, however this will depend on each individual child, the range of changes which you are choosing to make and your own consistency with the gentle sleep support techniques which we will guide you through.

What happens if I need further support?

Depending on the package you choose you will either have up to 2 weeks support included in your plan, or further support can be purchased if you have chosen a standalone package.

Please see our sleep support section for more information on this or contact us by emailing info@motherof.ie or filling out the contact form below

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