My name is Sarah Verso-Ryan, I am a mother of two and a childcare professional with over 15 years experience working with children and their families in a professional and caring capacity.  I have worked as a family support worker, for children with additional needs, a SEN Nanny, a Nanny, and a Childminder from my own home since becoming a mother myself.

I hold qualifications in Childcare and Montessori Education and I am also a Certified Sleep Coach, Potty Training Consultant and Baby Massage Teacher.

I have had an interest in infant sleep, but it was when I had my son, in 2020, that my interest was really piqued, I myself struggled with knowing what was normal and what wasn’t, despite my years of experience with other people’s children, it was so different when I had a child of my own, and I found that a lot of the advice out there was really out dated, and very much a ‘one size fits all’ approach, which realistically is only going to work for a very small number of people. I read every article and book I could find on infant sleep and eventually I achieved a Diploma in Family Centred Sleep and and OCN Level 4 Certificate in Gentle Sleep Coaching. I also trained to be a Baby Massage Teacher and Potty Training Consultant.

My aim, is to support, reassure and empower fellow parents by providing them with the knowledge of what is normal infant and child behaviour and what is normal for infant and child sleep, while at the same time, acknowledging their needs and wants, and helping them to achieve a better night’s sleep, while still ultimately being responsive to their child at all times and not needing to compromise the bond between parents and their child.

For me, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach, you, the parent, are the expert on your child, and I will provide a detailed questionnaire for you to fill out in order for me to get to know you and your child and then go on to provide you with a plan that works for you, and your family, which is evidence based, and ever adapting to you and your family’s needs as your child grows and develops.

Photograph Moya Nolan